App Service on Linux

This Monday (10/10/2016) Microsoft announced App Service on Linux in their Azure cloud. This is so big for them and their continuing commitment to Linux on their cloud. In order for them to truly compete with other cloud providers at the hyperscale level (specifically Amazon and AWS) they need to continue to push Linux just as much as they do with Windows and this is a big step in that direction.

Many of the clients I’ve worked with on projects have loved the Web App service in Azure and experienced it through their journey to create cloud based apps. As many of them continue to look to migrate their existing applications to the cloud, they may prefer the front end to be linux based for ease of management or familiarity.

I cannot wait to see what else Microsoft continues to do in their cloud!

Exchange Online Managed Folder Assistant and the 7 Day Limit

With Exchange on prem, there is a nice feature called the Managed Folder Assistant that runs against mailboxes to check whether or not the messages inside them adhere to the retention policy that has been applied to the mailbox, and makes the necessary changes if it does not. This can include moving old emails to an archive, or deleting them entirely.

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Updating Exchange when the Exchange Server is in a Separate AD Site

I ran into an issue where I had an Exchange 2013 Server that needed to be updated to the most recent CU. I’ve done this plenty of times before, but this particular update gave me trouble. The step it was failing on was the AD Prep and the Schema Prep. I confirmed my user account is a domain admin and a schema admin. I tried running the update again and was presented with the same error.

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Office 365 Functions in Your PowerShell Profile

PowerShell is easily my favorite tool Microsoft provides system administrators with. I love automation because I am lazy and dont want to have to do simple tasks manually through a GUI. This is the shared feeling by most users of PowerShell.

One of the great things about PowerShell is its integration with the entire Microsoft Ecosystem. Microsoft themselves provide modules for nearly all their technologies, and Office 365 is one of them. As I’ve had a particular focus on the Microsoft cloud offerings, this is incredibly important to me.

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Azure Active Directory not Replicating to Exchange Online

A funny thing happened on the way to upgrading the Microsoft Directory Sync tool to Azure AD Connect. I had updated DirSync to the new Azure AD Connect tool following the directions that Microsoft provides. Everything seemed to go swimmingly. When it was all said and done, syncing to Azure AD was working fine, but for whatever reason, the changes that were replicated to Azure AD were not replicating to Exchange Online.

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Auto Scaling Azure Web Apps Vertically (Increase Size and Decrease Size)

Azure Web App Scaling

One of the common myths with Cloud computing (whether it be AWS, Azure, or someone else) is that it is cheaper than having it on premise. Cloud computing is fantastic at easily and quickly scaling resources to meet demand at peak times and scale back when it is not necessary to reduce operational cost. However, it is going to be more expensive. This is generally because the host is taking on much of the operational work that goes into it and provides you with the tools to configure it to meet your exact needs.

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The First of Many….Hopefully….

I’ve attempted a blog once before, but was never able to give it the love and care it needed to continue and have a healthy amount of content. However, I’m hoping to fix that this time and document some of the things I’ve done in my IT consulting career. This way, I have documentation of some of the things I’ve done and I can hopefully provide some answers to another person scouring Google for answers to their questions. More than likely, someone has done what you are trying to do before, and it’s just a matter of finding the answer they found and using it to your advantage!